There are several factors that contribute to French Bulldog price. More popular dogs get higher prices, because people are prepared to pay them.

But Frenchies are also pricey because it’s not easy to breed them. They often cannot birth naturally, and this operation is costly.

If the breeder health tests and feeds the puppies on high quality food, this will also contribute to the price.

Frenchie price isn’t just a financial thing. The emotional cost of raising and caring for a defective breed can be staggering.

In terms of personality, the Frenchie has the potential to make a great family pet.

But when it comes to health, they have a lot of potential problems.

Aside from the financial burden of having to pay extra vet bills, the emotional cost of owning a French Bulldog as a family pet must be taken into account. This will not be a healthy dog, and may cause some degree of upset for your family.

If you are thinking of bringing a Frenchie puppy into your home and your heart, then this is the most important section of this article that you will read.

French Bulldog health is a distressing topic for any dog lover to go into. Because they are in serious trouble.

All breeds of pedigree dogs have some health problems common to their type.

This is because they have a deliberately restricted gene pool. This makes it more likely for nasty recessive diseases to rear their heads.

Fortunately, these days many pedigree health issues can be avoided by only buying a French Bulldog puppy from health tested parents.

There are some diseases which can sometimes affect French Bulldogs that we can use health screening to avoid.

French Bulldogs are bred as lap dogs, and are friendly to their family and willing to please.

The typical temperament is very loving and loyal. They are often keen on being petted, and will happily curl up and sleep on your lap. Although small, this breed has the active mind of a dog.

They are intelligent creatures, who require mental stimulation despite their easy-going appearance. Just like any larger breed of dog, Frenchie dogs benefit from structured, positive reinforcement training from a young age.

It’s important to well socialize a Frenchie puppy as although laid back, they can display guarding behaviors towards strangers or visitors.

Make sure to get your pup used to meeting a lot of different people, especially children. Make sure that any visiting children are aware that they should treat the dog like any other.

The French Bulldog isn’t really French. The breed actually originated in and around Nottingham, England, which was the center of lace making. This small bulldog was a companion to the lace makers and ratter-in-chief. As the Industrial Revolution took hold in England, cottage industries such as lace making were threatened by mechanization, and many lace makers relocated to France. Naturally, they took their dogs with them, and it wasn’t long before the French fell in love with the breed.

Although spaying or neutering is not compulsory, it is highly advisable to spay your French Bulldog. This will help to decrease its chances of getting certain kinds of cancer. It also prevents the risk of unwanted breeding between your French Bulldog and any nearby dog. 

With a proper diet and nutrition, French Bulldogs can live for up to eleven or thirteen years. 

The French Bulldog is about 11 or 12 inches tall and weighs an average of 16-28 pounds. 

For an energetic and somewhat strong-willed dog, the French Bulldog has all the traits you are looking for!

To place a deposit on a puppy, select the puppy you want, then click on the inquiry button, fill the form to create a chat  between you and Morgan Chris,   Deposits are refundable.

All of our puppies are potty trained in the “Puppy Housing Method.” This is the method that allows the puppy an area to “go potty” in while they are still in their kennel. From the day your puppy begins to walk, it is able to start being potty trained.

We accidentally discovered this method after our customers continued to tell us that our puppies were potty trained the day they got them home. We thought some of our customers were just over exaggerating until we continued to hear this news over and over again. Just read some of our testimonials and you will quickly see that most mention that their puppy potty trained very easily, or was already potty trained.

How it works – The “Puppy Housing Method” is a kennel that is set up with two sides. One side they can sleep in and they other side they can use the bathroom in. This is most easily done with a double doored kennel. Place a bed in one side and a potty pad in the other. Your new puppy does not want to potty where he sleeps, so he/she will walk over to the other side (on the pad) and use the potty. The key to this is when you are home, you leave the second door to the kennel open (the one that has the potty pad in it) and they will run in to it (with little or no training) when they have to go.

What if I do not want to use this method? The great thing about this method is that it can be re-trained to the outside. The fact of the matter is, the puppy knows that he/she has to go to the bathroom in a designated area. All you have to do is show them where that designated area is.

Sound simple….it is….because we have started them out the right way from day one.

Just like all other breeds, French Bulldogs can get fleas. If they do get fleas, this can be solved by getting flea medicine or using a flea comb to get rid of the fleas. 

Crate training is one of the best ways to train your French Bulldog. It helps to create good and positive behavior in your Frenchie and could be a fun place for it to rest. 

Morgans Pure Bred French Bulldog Puppies


Generally good with children, but always supervised
Very adaptable, happy living in an apartment or house
Fun loving and mischievous
Good choice for first time dog owners because French Bulldog Puppies are one of the lower maintenance dog breeds in terms of their personalities
Only need shorter walks several times a day rather than particularly long ones
Low shedding, although like other breeds they drop more hair in the spring and the autumn
Wonderful companions because they are so amenable and eager to please without being overly demanding
French Bulldog Puppies have become the most popular breed in the US and for good reason. They are people-oriented, highly personable and extremely adaptable
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