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Dear Chris Morgan
I would like to send a heartfelt thank you for what you have done with Simon. We have been so excited to meet him.   Our home has been very different without our Oakley.  We so much appreciate all the updates and pictures to make us feel apart of him growing from a new pup.  Everything you have done with the pups made it worth while for us to make our trip to Florida to get our puppy from you.  
We are home now in Wisconsin and it is much cooler here with fallen leaves and soon the snow will be here.   The kids loved meeting him and he loves all the attention.   The ride home was a long ride but he did well with no accidents.  We stopped every few hours and ran all his energy out of him.   We let him sleep in the bed with us on the first night because we were in a hotel. Tonight he will go in his kennel that is in our kitchen.  I’m sure it will be a long night. 
Thank you so much. We love our little Simon.  If we decide to go with another puppy we will certainly be giving you a call. 

Marc, Marina, Jake, Max, Luke and Kate G Boston    🐶​

Happy Client

Dear Chris Morgan,
  We are so in love with our girl, Hattie!  She is everything we had hoped for and more!  From the start, I could tell how much you loved what you do!  It takes a special person  to care for the pups the way you do!  It is evident that you pour your heart and soul into breeding responsibly and caring for those pups, as well as the parents! In addition to caring for all those pups, you also take the time to post on social media so that anxiously awaiting families can join in the growth and development of their anticipated new best friends!  And if all of that wasn’t enough, you also responded to texts and emails in a timely fashion.  You patiently and professionally always answered my questions, despite how busy you were and I was most certainly not the only “new parent” you were communicating with.  My family and I will forever be grateful that we found you!  Hattie is an amazing dog!  She is loving, sweet, kind, gorgeous and so much fun to have around!  Her disposition is often commented on by those that meet her!  She loves people and I’m pretty sure she thinks everyone who meets her loves her too! LOL! Hattie has brought joy to our 4 children as well as my husband and myself!  Thank you for doing what you do and the way you do it!
Forever grateful!

Kerry Vermont

Happy Client

​Morgans has dedicated his life to this breed. He puts so much love and care into her french bulldog’s  and they return that love . We where out of state buyers and Morgans made everything so easy for us. I would recommend the Petti’s to anyone looking to purchase a new family member. We love our girl Josie  so much and she fits  right in with our two older french bulldog. HONEY FRENCH BULLDOG ARE THE BEST………….❤

Shirley North Carolina

Happy Client

When selecting our newfrench bulldog family member, my wife and I knew Mr Morgans and his team was the perfect breeder. As an out of state buyer, Morgans made us feel comfortable from day one. Her puppies are as advertised…Healthy, Strong and beautiful to mention just a few attributes. If your looking to add an amazing puppy to your family, Morgans Pure Bred French Bulldogs should be your first and last stop.
Brian W.

Happy Client

We don’t know where to begin with the praises we have for Morgans French Bulldog . We  live in Pennsylvania and had not had the best of luck when it came to finding  reputable French Bulldog breeders. After coming across the Morganspurebredfrenchbulldog website while traveling through the Pensacola area, we just had to inquire. Within 2 hours we had  fallen in love with the French Bulldog  we had been searching for over the past year.  At the time, Otis was only 2 weeks old, so we had to wait 7 more weeks until we  could take him home. This breeder follows AKC guidelines to ensure you are getting  a Bulldog that has received the nurturing from both of his/her parents as well as from  the breeder. The care and love Morgans, Mike, and their family put into raising Otis and the rest of the litter was simply the best and went above and beyond what we  thought a good breeder would or should do. They are always looking out for the best interest of your new pup as well as you.  Otis is now 9 months old, and has been such a welcome addition to our family. His  best friend, our 4-year-old Rottweiler/Pit bull mix are inseparable and bring joy to  our lives every day. Otis also has a blast playing with our 7-year-old nephew and 2- year-old niece. The way he behaves around children of all ages is a testament to the loving environment he was raised.  The whole process is professional, comfortable, and second-to-none. We highly  recommend to those ready to adopt as well as to those who  may just have any questions before taking the leap into the wonderful world of  French Bulldog parenthood. 
Galen and Michelle, Pittsburgh, Pa 

Happy Client

Dear Chris Morgan,
​My mom found®️ on google. Where they seemed too good to be true. They picture perfect puppies sent me on a trip  all the way from the East coast to Florida, to pick up our little bundle of love.
We had been on Morgans’s list for a long time, waiting for the perfect fawn male. My Mom even called a couple times because some of Morgans’s white puppies. We saw some that  have adorable markings and when we saw them, we thought they were way too cute and adorable, but they were already sold. So back on the wait list we went. When Morgans had another litter without a fawn for us, she decided to give us a call with an offer for an adorable little reverse brindle male. Morgans knew this little guy was gonna be special. His twin is a female reverse brindles, who is living her happy little life in North Carolina. Thanks goodness we listened to her advice, because he is perfect. We have had 9 boxers in our family now, and while some are cute and some are smart, our®️ is both. Lambaeu is both the smartest dog ever and just look how cute he is! Morgans is very personable and even went as far as to invite us into her home to pick up our puppy.  We  Would never get a French bulldog  from anywhere else. Thank you for creating our best friend!

Cantbebeet Baltimore+Annapolis

Happy Client

Best Morgans Pure Bred French Bulldog Puppies Home



Generally good with children, but always supervised
Very adaptable, happy living in an apartment or house
Fun loving and mischievous
Good choice for first time dog owners because French Bulldog Puppies are one of the lower maintenance dog breeds in terms of their personalities
Only need shorter walks several times a day rather than particularly long ones
Low shedding, although like other breeds they drop more hair in the spring and the autumn
Wonderful companions because they are so amenable and eager to please without being overly demanding
French Bulldog Puppies have become the most popular breed in the US and for good reason. They are people-oriented, highly personable and extremely adaptable
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